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Trading Terms and Conditions

  1. Clippitybits




  1. All prices on the website include VAT at the current rate of 20%, as of the 1st January 2010. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
  2. Goods will be dispatched within 2 working days from receiving your order & payment.

Please allow up to 28 days for delivery. This is to cover any loses made by  Royal Mail. I can only dispatch missing orders after 15 working days, when I am able to make a claim against Royal Mail or other designated courier.

If your order does appear to be missing in the post then I can dispatch your order sooner than 15 working days, but you have to be charged for that order again. If I charge you for re-sending the order and after the 15 working days your first order has not been delivered then I will refund your first order and claim against Royal Mai or other designated courier.

If your first order is delivered after 15 working days and a second order has been sent then you may return the original order for a refund.

  1. We send all parcels as per the service paid for.
  2. Refunds will be given to customers who contact me, in writing by post, within 8 days of receiving their goods. The postal rule applies. Refunds will be given as long as;
  3. i) We receive the returned goods
  4. ii) The goods are in the original packaging, unused.

Please also note that;

  1. i) Refunds can only be credited to the card originally debited.
  2. ii) Refunds will be issued on the day of receiving and checking of returned goods.

iii) That you are responsible for both the postage and the goods when returning items to me. I cannot be held responsible for any damages or losses made by Royal Mail or designated courier, and therefore cannot refund any items I do not receive. In the case of losses made by Royal Mail or designated courier when returning items to me, it will be up to the customer to make a claim against Royal Mail or the designated courier.

  1. We can exchange goods for the same amount or as part payment for further goods. However, if you have made a mistake and still want to return goods, we are happy to help but please be aware that all parts of condition 5 still apply.
  2. Pictures on this website, belong solely to Clippitybits. If our pictures are found on any part of the World Wide Web, without permission, then steps will be taken to have them removed and costs recovered in any legal action taken.

1) If you want to use any of my pictures, please seek approval first. Approval will only be given in writing, never verbally. Permission can only be given by the owners of Clippitybits and never by any of the staff.

2) Pictures showing our products may differ in colour and clarity depending on your monitor set-up. Whilst every effort is taken to reproduce the product pictures as close to the actual product, I cannot accept responsibility for any variance you may find between the image on your screen and the product you receive.